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Kevin Fogarty brings over twenty years of experience in real estate, mortgage lending, budgeting and planning. Incorporating the objectives of excellent customer service and diligent hard work. Kevin listens to client needs to formulate a customized plan for each client. He is most proud of his ability to "accomplish challenges" pertaining to real estate and mortgage lending that his competitors weren't able to achieve. Existing customer relationships span over 20 years. Kevin is a "book nerd" and enjoys outdoor activities with his beautiful family. Kevin holds a Bachelor of Arts from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles California, 1991, Dual Majored in Finance & Marketing. He also holds an MBA in Finance, 1999 from California State University, Long Beach.  Kevin enjoys traveling, exercise and spending time with family and friends.  

Leasing a Home

 The Fogarty Team partners have over 100+ combined years of experience in the California, Florida, Tennessee, and Texas marketplaces alone! (We also coordinate transactions in every other U.S. state!) We know that your home is one of the 10 most important decisions your family will make over their lifetime! (Faith, marriage, education, career, family, home, investments, retirement, health, and travel.) With our expertise, we get every customer to the finish line. Every client is a top priority! 




The Fogarty Team is here to assist you. Please feel confident in knowing we will answer any questions you may have no matter how big or small. Team Fogarty will have clients' pre-approvals (typically within 48 hrs or less)



No hidden fees, EVER! In fact, we have saved our clients in excess of $50,000 on a single transaction. We never charge a fee to share our 21+ years of business knowledge plus expertise. Our analysis is always thorough and precise. Let The Fogarty Team perform a cash flow analysis, down payment assistance consideration review, retirement analysis, budgeting review, or calculate your weighted average cost of capital (WACC). Our partners have access to every mortgage product in every U.S. state! 



One of the ten most important factors in real estate success is accurately evaluating the property. A listing priced correctly, attracts buyers and maximizes the sale price. 

When making an offer, a current market analysis, plus a conversation with the listing agent, saves our buyers 10s of thousands of dollars.

In addition, a property priced below market may be secured at fair price in excess of list with the same analysis mentioned above.



What is your current mortgage payment? Are you paying too much? Is your term too long? How many years do you plan to live in your current home? Do you have other bills? What are the interest rates and monthly requirements on those bills? Do you need home improvement money? Have you been waiting years to remodel your kitchen or put in a pool? Do you contribute to your 401k plan? Do you maximize the annual 401k contribution limit? These are just a few of the 100s of questions Team Fogarty has answers to! We bring balance to your financial life!


"The minute I started working with this team, they treated me as if I was family. They checked in on me regularly during the process, connected me with people who were trustworthy and earnest. All reasons I came back a 2nd time for more assistance! If i did not understand something, they would take the time to call and explain everything no matter how big or small they thought it was, it was more important to make me sleep well at night! And I did!

"I want to thank Team Fogarty for all of their hard work to help me sell my home of 42 years and move to a location where I was able to purchase two homes, one for myself and one for my challenged adult son in a perfect independent living situation.  I sleep so much better knowing that my son is thriving in his own home.”

“My wife and I have worked with Team Fogarty for many years. Kevin has served more as an advisor as we continue to assess our mortgage and financial needs.  He has provided honest, sound and timely advice and

recommendations over the years allowing our family to obtain savings and financial goals.  He brings with him many years of experience and connections to the financial market that has made the decision process more informative and fact based.  We appreciate his professionalism and guidance over the many years.”

 We want to Thank You so much with smooth sale of our home! We could not believe it sold within 6 days!  Step by Step, the Fogarty Team was right there with support any time of the day! Kerrie, can’t Thank you enough for your team recommendation of using Team Fogarty & you are also apart of the team! Thank you again during these Covid-19 times this was not a stressful sale.

Deatrice Shernell,
Long Beach City College,
-Long Beach, CA

K. Hawkins

-Big Bear Lake, CA

Villafuerte family

-Orange County, CA

The Yip family

Lakewood, CA sold

moved to New Mexico

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